Neon Print

After a long hiatus, neon prints are back in fashion! Their vibrancy and bright hues can be seen everywhere.Textile industry professionals with active participation in neon printed clothing understand the importance of the fabric to be used and the extent to which it affects the end product. It is observed that 100% cotton fabrics give in better to the neon prints owing to the color shades that can be used.

The quality of the final product depends greatly on the type of ink used where the neon has to be printed. The fluorescent dyes do not easily migrate and that is the reason the ink, thus used is similar to the one used for 100% cotton.

The danger is overcompensating for the fluorescence which results in very thick film of ink that drastically compromises the quality affecting the final product. Hence, it is very important to make use of perfect bleed-resistant printing and meticulous techniques of curing in Neon Printing.